Welcome to theKey Education Services.

We are here to serve the needs of students who desire a better education to prepare them for the future.

Our mission is to build a strong foundation in English for Indonesian students and challenge their language skill through the exposure of foreign culture, whilst being surrounded by a great natural environment and scene that New Zealand offers.

Why study in New Zealand ?

New Zealand has a broad range of study and research opportunities. The New Zealand university system is research-based, as it is historically based on the British higher education model.

  • Safe & Green Environmental.
    New Zealand is one of the safest country and is known for being a beautiful country with clean cities, beaches, forest and fresh air, an ideal place to learn and live.

  • Educations New Zealand.
    School quality is in accordance with British Commonwealth standards.

  • Better Exchange Rate, lower tuition fee and living cost.
    The New Zealand dollar exchange rate is lower than that of neighbouring country and the education providers offer competitive tuition fees without compromising its quality and lower cost of living compare to other western countries.

  • International Experience.
    New Zealand is a global cultural melting pot, which gives students opportunities to benefit from cultural exchange. Another benefit that is rarely offered by other countries is to work part - time while studying and full - time after graduation from university.